The annual meeting of The 48th Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (NCTAM-48) was held at the Science Council of Japan in Tokyo on January 25, 26 and 27, 1999, under the joint sponsorship of the National Committee for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (NCTAM) ,

Committee for Mechanics and Structure of the Science Council of Japan, and the nineteen related societies listed below.

The Congress invites papers from every field of mechanics to overview current trends of researches in Japan . In order to highlight the most important current problems in mechanics, the Committee selects pre-nominated sessions and panels as well as invited lectures. This year ? they were fourteen pre-nominated sessions such as advanced computation in mechanics, unified analysis of multiphase flow, molecular dynamics, environmental fluid mechanics, etc,, five panels as on meshless computation, renewable energy, composite fluids, etc. and two invited lectures. The executive committee of the NCTAM-48 was chaired by Prof. Y. Miyake of Osaka University .

Of one hundred and eighty-four papers presented at the meeting, forty-seven papers have been reviewed by the Editorial Committee and included in the present volume.


October 1999

Yutaka Miyake

Chairman, Editorial Committee

NCTAM-48 Proceedings


Tsutomu Kambe

Chairman, National Committee

for Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Sponsoring societies:

The Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences, The Japan Society of Applied Physics, Architectural Institute of Japan, Atomic Energy Society of Japan, The Japan Society of Civil Engineers, The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan, Japan Society of Computational Fluid Dynamics. The Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics, The Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science, ? The Japan Society of lrrigation, Drainage and Reclamation Engineering, The Mathematical Society of Japan, ? The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. ? Meteorological Society of Japan, The Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan, The Society of Naval Architects of Japan, ? The Physical Society of Japan, The Society of Rheology, Japan, Oceanographic Society of Japan, Seismological Society of Japan .

( ? : Chair society of executive committee for NCTAM 48, ? : Co-chair societies)



Editorial Committee
Yutaka M IYAKE ,Professor,Osaka University

Muneo Hori ,Associate Professor,University of Tokyo
Katsuya Ishi I,Associate Professor,Nagoya University
Takeo Kajishima ,Associate Professor,Osaka University
Takayuki Kitamura ,Professor,Kyoto University
Yoshihisa Masuda , Associate Professor,University of Tokyo
Akihiro Nakatani ,Associate Professor,Osaka University
Hiroshi Niino ,Associate Professor,University of Tokyo
Yuichi Sato ,Professor,Saitama University
Katsuyuki Suzuki ,Associate Professor,University of Tokyo
Yoshiaki Tamura ,Associate Professor,University of Tokyo
Kazuto Yamamura ,Senior Researcher,Nippon Steel Co.


Publication Committee
Hajime Okamura , Professor,University of Tokyo

Tsutomu Kambe , Professor,University of Tokyo
Toshiro Masuda , Professor,Kyoto University
Tsuneyosi Nakamura , Professor,Kanazawa Institute of Technology
                                    Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University
Toru Sawaragi , Professor,Osaka Sangyo University,
                                     Professor Emeritus, Osaka University
Genki Yagawa , Professor,University of Tokyo


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